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About Us

Fox-Taxi offers affordable taxi booking services at your doorstep. You can find the best ride in no time. Using the Fox-Taxi app, you can request ride services, and book a ride for an enjoyable experience.

Getting the best ride is hard and takes a lot of time. With Fox-Taxi, you can book rides at your convenience. You can schedule a ride, share details, and invite a friend to the app. Also, a driver can get online ride requests and earn more.

Product Features

Manage Request

A driver can manage new ride requests with accept or reject options based on their availability.  

Schedule Ride

A user can book a new ride request now or schedule a future trip. A user can book a ride up to 4 days before.

Real-Time Tracking

With an advance GPS, users can see & track driver locations within the app.

Ride History

A driver can see ride history with all complete, cancel, running and pending ride details.

User App

Want to book a ride online? Download our Fox-Taxi user app to get the experience of online ride booking. You can sign up for the app through your social account. After login, you can book a ride with your pickup and drop location.

You have the option to select a vehicle for your ride. Also, you can book a ride now or schedule it. After a new ride request is placed, the system finds the nearest driver and assigns a ride. You can get the notification from the start ride to complete the ride within the app. You can option such as a call to the driver, sharing ride details, ride booking for someone else, payment option, invite friends and more.

Driver App

Download the Fox-Taxi driver app and get a real-time taxi ride request. A driver can sign up into the app with basic details such as name, email, contact, etc. Also, you have the option to log in through social account sites.

After signup, you need to add vehicle details and upload the required documents. Once the admin approved your account, you can get a new ride request. You can manage your new ride request with Accept/Reject option. You can manage your bank details, update profile information, and check your ride statics.

Call To Action

Whether you have a question or query about our services feel free to contact us!

More Features

Flexible Payment

To pay for a ride, users have flexible payment options such as cash, credit and wallet.

Promo Code

To get a discount on their ride, a rider can use the promo code provided by the app when they book a ride.

Share Ride

A rider can share the ride details of a ride to their family or friend via social account.

Manage Document

A driver can see & manage required documents such as Driving Licence, driver ID, insurance and more.

Book for someone else

User can book ride for someone else. They need to drop pickup and drop location and share ride details.

In-app call

Users/Drivers can call each other for any query related to taxi rides within the app.


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